Unreal Engine Experimentaions


This post shows some experimentation I undertook using the Unreal Engine. I decided to experiment with the Unreal engine because I  wanted to ensure using Unity was the best choice for me in terms of creating this game.

Because I am focusing on programming, I would create a racing AI system within Unreal. This would not only familiarize me with the Unreal engine but will also give me some more programming experience.

Production Log

A full production log of the experimentation can be found in this forum post.
Unreal Engine Experimentation Log
The final results of this experimentation can be found at the bottom of this post.


The primary I encountered with the Unreal engine was the programming languages it accepted. Unreal accepts C++ as its programming language and as I currently work in C# or Java. Learning C++ while trying to create the game at the same time would not be the most optimal path. Although learning C++ is something I plan on doing in the near future.

Unreal does have a secondary visual programming system called blueprint and this is what I used for my experimentation to create the AI. Blueprint programming is very intuitive for small operations and the visual system is very easy to debug. However, for me blueprints have more draw backs that positives. For large systems they quickly become cluttered as shown below, moreover because some background operations are undertaken to decode blueprints they generally use more overhead than scripts created code.


The out of the box visuals including in the Unreal Engine are very rewarding and generally look better than Unity, however with Unity’s new 5.6 post-processing and with some tweaks to the engine similar results can be acheived.

Final Results



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