Unity 5.6 Post-processing

Unity 5.6 has a bran new post-processing system, for this reason I have decided to dedicate a post to it.

Before Unity 5.6, post processing required the developer to attach a number of scripts to the camera, these scripts had to be placed in the correct order for the post processing to work correctly. This often caused confusion and undesirable results, for this reason Unity’s new post processing on one component, which takes a profile as its input. Adding the new post processing component to the camera is illustrated below.

Once the post profile is created and connected to the camera changing the post profile before run time is as easy editing the profile within Unity by double clicking it.

One thing to note is that many of the new post-process effects are designed to work in a differed lighting pipeline. The post process profile contains effects ranging from bloom to screen space real-time reflections. More information can be found about the new post processing effects in Unity’s official quick start guide.

Unity’s Post Processing Manual

Below are two images, one with post process enabled and the other without.


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