Feedback and Subsequent Changes

This post shows the feedback received by the studio, the results of which are available here Studio Feedback.


Question 1. Did you enjoy playing the game?

chart1One hundred percent of people took the survey said they did indeed enjoy the game.

Question 2. Did you understand the game?


One hundred percent of people who took the survey said they did indeed understand that game.

Question 3. How do the physics feel?

Apart from being super sedative the game felt thrilling and really intense, with a decent upbeat track this would an amazing experience.

very difficult first, but very immersive.

The physics feel floaty, but at the same time the car feels like it has some weight to it when attempting to rotate or move the car mid-jump.

I felt the games physics felt exactly how it should.

Floaty & Loose, during air time in the game I feel that the game was pulling me in a certain direction.

The physics were a little too floaty and uncontrollable during airtime. A more sudden response to air alteration would be better in my opinion.

Overall the game played really well, and the physics were what I would’ve expected. It has a real ‘arcade’ type of feel and I think that’s great in those types of games.

Spectacular! The car felt like it had weight to it, and moved as one would expect such a vehicle to move.

Fluent, realistic, the front moves then the back follows, how a car should turn rather than the orient axis on the middle car on basic driving games.

Very fast and floaty which makes the game overall feel very arcade like.

The main comment that the team received about the physics was that they felt tho floaty in the air, for this reason a slight change will be made the car physics in the air. Explained in a later section.

Question 4. How are the visuals?

Beautiful on some parts but a lot of the environment felt static and dull. The car was superb and maintained the focus as it should.

Very good.

I think the visuals are pretty appealing and eye catching and only add to the experience, giving the game a sort of neon-esque aesthetic.

The games visuals were impressive and too a high quality.

Was hard to notice the visuals with the lighting conditions, and the speed of the vehicle.

The car looks great.

Amazing. Definitely no problem there, added lighting effects adds to the overall visuals creating a very decent looking environment.

Visually it was very good, the car model itself looked well done and clearly had a lot of time put into it. The other textures looked fine, although it’s hard to judge when travelling at high speed.

Stunning, is all I can really say.

Looks good man, textures on the car are industry level.

Very good, although more scf if elements in the game such as Neon/Future buildings but game itself looks very good.

The team received good feedback about the visuals of the game, however comment mentioned that certain areas are dark and hard to see the other 3D art, for this reason I will add some more lighting to the scene.

Question 5. Suggest ways the game can be improved.

Responding the player to the track and making the car a lot less sensitive.

Alternative to WASD.

Personally I feel the issue is the learning curve of the game and would be better if the player is given an easier time as opposed to a tricky jump as the first obstacle.

The first jump needs to be improved so that the player can land in the area a large sum easier.

Auto Restart on Crash or prompt, waited a while before realising that I needed to force the restart.

– More variety of tracks – More car varieties.

Play-test more, get an idea of where things are going wrong for players and change those aspects accordingly.

I feel the view port can be a little small at times, when it comes to making perfect maneuvers it can become difficult to see.

More car variations.

Ghost mode (after you completed the best time).

The studio received a number of comments about the difficulty of the game spefically the first jump. For this reason the start location will be changed, so that the hardest jump in the game it not first. More over the studio received feedback that an alternative control system would help improve the play ability of the game.

Question 6. Did you find any bugs?

I was able to fly off track and drive through terrain.


If you’re unlucky, you can get the car caught along the rim of the hoop you’re required to jump into. The game processes it as a crash if you recover from the collision.

Not in my game experience.

Car Flipping on Respawn.

– Collisions on the walls and especially in tunnel areas are buggy causing random crashes (car crashes not game crash) – Can go outside the map – UI text on loading screen overlaps in certain resolutions.

Not too many game-breaking, no. When travelling round a bend the car did mount the wall which seemed to slow me down, but the car stayed in the same up-right position, it didn’t tilt with the wall.

When going through a ramp further into the game, upon boosting out of the end I immediately hit a large boulder that I couldn’t have avoided.


Yeah, when you re-spawn in bonnet view, it re spawns upside down.

You can reset more than once by mashing the R button.

After receiving a number of bug reports, the studio has implemented a number of fixes to  correct the bugs. These fixes are explained in further detail below.

Changes per Feedback.

Question 3.

Feedback about the games physics where overall positive, however a common theme emerged. Many people reported the car felt ‘floaty’ in the air. To combat this I created a script that changes various physics values such as drag on the car, whenever it it not grounded.

To further decrease this ‘floaty’ feeling in the air, I now allow the player to have some control of the car when it is flying. Whenever the car is  not flying normal controls are applied, however whenever the car is flying a secondary set of controls are used which allow the player to rotate the car but not accelerate.

Question 4.

The visuals of the game overall also received good feedback. However again common themes can be extruded from the data. The most common of which was that it was hard to see the environmental art because of the speed of the game, although slowing the game down is not an option in my opinion I could make the environmental assets larger in the future thus making them more obvious at high speed.

As well as making the environmental assets larger, I also need to add more lights into the scene. Although many parts of the track are lit up, many parts of the back ground enviroment are in complete darkness.

Question 5.

The most common feed back as to how the game could be improved the difficulty of the game. Although people commented on the difficulty of the game I do not think that it had anything to do with mechanics of the game but instead the level design. Especially the first jump that the player comes to.

To fix this I could take multiple paths, such as removing the ramp all together. However I think a smarter solution would be to simply move the start finish line so that this particular difficult jump is not the first one the player has to negotiate.

Another common theme reported in the feed back was the request for an alternative control scheme because using the WASD buttons was very ‘jerky’. For this reason I have programmed into the game the ability to use a controller instead of mouse and keyboard.

Question 6.

The studio received a number of bug reports in question 6, this section explains how the studio went about fixing those bugs.

Many players reported that they could leave the track by simply driving off it, for this reason many areas have had fences and other collision objects to stop the player leaving the track.

Resetting the car also had a bug whereby the player could reset the car multiple times by repeatedly pressing the reset button. For this reason a simple check was put in place whereby the player cannot reset the car, if the car is already going through the reset cycle.

Also reported was the crash system seemed to sensitive, player reported that they crashed when they felt that it should not have been a crash. For this reason the velocity difference required to initiate a crash was increased. The crash script also now checks the direction of the crash, so that if it is directly below the car a crash is not registered.


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